Updates / Nature Walk To Pine Forest - AKCSSC 2022

[15 Nov 2022]

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” ~Henri Matisse When everything goes digital. It is important to never forget our roots. For the tranquility and peace that is offered by natures embrace is second to none We desire the smell of pine so much that we have bottled it up to spruce up our bathrooms.🌸 IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter🌐 as a part of AKCSSC💫 is giving you a chance to experience nature in its rawest form. Grab your ticket while you can and join us for a Trek through the pine forests of Idukki!🌲 📌 Register now: www.akcssc.org 🗓️ Date: 26-11-2022 🕰️ Time: 6:30 AM