Events / AR Treasure Hunt - AKCSSC 2022

AR Treasure Hunt - AKCSSC 2022

[17 Nov 2022]

_Treasure isn't something you sit back and wait for, so get ready to hunt !_💫 *IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter* as part of *AKCSSC'22* is extremely exhilarated to announce the *AR Treasure Hunt* competition.👀 We are ready to embark on an adrenaline-filled journey where your mind takes you forward.🛣️ Unravel the obscure, follow the trail of clues and there awaits you, the treasure. Race and let your pace lay hands on the treasure chest. And the best part? *There is a prize pool of Rs 5000*🎭 What are you waiting for? Get ready and bring out the best in you💫 🖇️ *Register through*: 🗓️ *Date*:- 27th November 2022 🕰️ *Time*:- 09:30 am _Prizes worth 5K awaits you🎁_ #ieee #ieeecsks #akcssc