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Unfavorable economic circumstances, sky-high travel fares, and the impact of a tragic crash shut the book on the first chapter of commercial supersonic flight in 2003.
Since the Concordes stopped flying from 2003, air travel has doubled from 1.4 billion passengers per year to 4 billion passengers per year. Fueled by the technological progress we are on the verge of seeing a supersonic commercial airliner take flight.
U.S.-based Boom Supersonic might be the closest of several companies to deliver on the promise of a new commercial supersonic aircraft. But how close is it?
The Boom Overture is planned to provide a Mach of 2.2 which is similar to the Concorde. It will take approximately 3 hours to reach from New York to London. Another key issue that Booms supersonic is tackling, is to keep the unsustainable cost of operating the aircraft. The French and the British government designed the Concordes not for profits but to push the limits of technology. Boom on the other hand is leveraging scientific advancements in aerodynamics, materials, and propulsion that will enable efficient and profitable supersonic travel. This reduction in cost will impact the travelers that will reduce operating costs to turn up the profits.
The engineering landscape of aviation has seen a major facelift especially in the much more efficient afterburners used in overture and the Concorde. Due to this, the aircraft will take off through supersonic speeds without afterburners which was used earlier.
Besides the vast shift in technological and economical advancements, Boom is also a company looking to cut the carbon emissions. A partnership between Boom and Rolls Royce is aimed at maximizing the Overture's fuel efficiency, which will be sustainable and help in minimizing the noise. Boom will also be looking at carbon neutrality where the overture fleet could be running on 100% sustainable alternative fuels from day one.
Boom isn’t the only company developing supersonic aircrafts. NASA has developed X-59, an experimental supersonic aircraft that lowers the noise levels of the sonic boom.
Boom's main goal is to "remove the barriers to experiencing the planet". A few more months of promising tests would kick start a new chapter in the commercial supersonic flight industry.

-Jagan Venugopal
SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter Executive Committee 2021


Srinivasan Ravindran

Vice Chairman

Dr. Vishnukumar S
Vice Chairman


Dr. Deepthi Sasidharan

Joint Secretary - Kochi Region

Anu Maria
Joint Secretary : Kochi Region

Joint Secretary - Malabar Region

Sasinas Alias Haritha Z A
Joint Secretary : Malabar Region

Student Representative

Bhadra Jayakumar
Student Representative

Technical Coordinator

Nevin Koshy Daniel
Technical Coordinator

Electronic Communications Coordinator

Arjun S
Electronic Communications Coordinator


Abhinav Shibu


Anisha T Anilkumar

Women in Computing Coordinator

Neha Jijy
Women in Computing Coordinator

Kochi Hub Co-ordinator

Neenu Chacko
Kochi Hub Co-ordinator

Malabar Hub Co-ordinator

Jayaraj J
Malabar Hub Co-ordinator

Travancore Hub Co-ordinator

Nimisha Nair
Travancore Hub Co-ordinator

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Coordinator

Gokul C M
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Coordinator

AI Lead

Arun Jose
AI Lead

Updates From IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter

IEEE Computer Society – 75th Anniversary

IEEE CS 75 Anniversary

Founded in 1946, it has been 75 long years since IEEE Computer Society was formed as a subcommittee of IEEE. With our purpose to strive to advance the theory, practice, and application of computer and information processing science and technology and shall maintain a high professional standing among its members. We have come a long way to become a family of millions spanning the entire globe, all of us excited and determined to enter our own spark into the community.
Seventy-five years, three-quarters of a century IEEE Computer Society 75th anniversary - A time for jubilant joy. For we have made it. We are now officially celebrating our semi sesquicentennial anniversary. Found in an era during which the aftermath of the Second world war was still being felt where loss and despair were common and the world was a far more turbulent place. In such a world, it is almost a miracle that we survived but it's not. Because when passion meets cause miracles become common, they become normal. We endured, we survived and we thrived. The voice of millions, echoes each leaving a stitch in the tapestry known as IEEE Computer Society becoming leading examples for the Industry, research and the entire world. So that we those who have inherited their will can hold our head high and say "IEEE Computer Society is the Home for Computer Science and Engineering Leaders."

Richard E. Merwin Student Scholarship – Spring 2021


Applications for the prestigious Richard E. Merwin Student Scholarship are open now. Undergraduate and graduate students in electrical or computer engineering, computer science, or a well-defined computer related field of engineering who are active members of a student branch or chapter are eligible. Undergraduate students must be in the final two years of an undergraduate program. Apply on or before 30th April, 2021.
Link to apply: https://bit.ly/REM_2021

TechThreads - 2021


TechThreads with the tagline A Tech Blog to Capture stories from the Tech World is a blogging initiative taken by IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter to encourage IEEE student members to express their thoughts and illustrate their ideas in words. It is a platform to showcase their technical writing skills and abilities in this massive tech-world.
The students can write on any topics including their personal experiences related to technology. The blogs are judged on the basis of novelty, originality and pragmatism.
The registration of the First Edition of TechThreads 2021 is going on and will be closed on 25th April 2021.
Click here to Register!

Meet the Scholars - 1

Scholar 1

Meet the Scholars was hosted by the Women in Computing of IEEE Computer Society, Kerala Chapter. Our first speaker for this talk series was Ms. Anusree S, ML Engineer at L&T Tech. She is also the director of Pehia Foundation. She was awarded the Google Women Techmaker Scholarship in 2018. The event was held on 22nd of February, 2021 at 8 PM. Watch the session

Meet the Scholars - 2

Scholar 2

Meet the Scholars talk series was hosted by the Women in Computing of IEEE Computer Society, Kerala Chapter. Ms. Pritika Merryl, HR recruiter at HCL Technologies was the second speaker for the event. She is also the recipient of Anita Borg Grace Hopper Celebration India Scholarship in 2018. The event was held on 6th of March, 2021 at 8.30 PM. Watch the session

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter hosted the Panel Discussion in association with the Internet Society, Trivandrum Chapter on 20th March 2021 at 6.00 pm.
The discussion was chaired by a fabulous panel team on the topic "Data Privacy and security in Social media: Concerns and Solutions”. The wide range impact of social media to the society and the various adversities caused by them were all discussed by the panel.
About 95 participants were actively involved throughout the discussion.

TechThreads 2020

Techthreads 2020

IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter is extremely delighted to announce the winners of the TechThreads 2020.

  • First - Irene Anna Kurien, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam
  • Second – Arjun Sunil Kumar, Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, Ernakulam
  • Third – Karun Krishnan, Government Engineering College, Barton Hill


IEEE CS Richard E. Merwin Scholar, Fall 2020

Neenu Chacko

Neenu Chacko, Kochi Hub Student Representative of IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter has been awarded the IEEE CS Richard E. Merwin Scholarship, Fall 2020. With her collective efforts and hard work, she has made IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter proud and we hope you attain many more.

IEEE India Council Student Coordination Team 2021

India Council SC Team 2021

The newly elected bearers for the IEEE India Council Student Coordination Team 2021 consist of two members from IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter. Gokul CM will be the lead for Industrial Relations Team and Akarsh Ashok will be working with the Design Team. We look forward to their future endeavors.

Student Branch Events

.hack(); 2021 : A virtual hackathon MACE


.hack(); 2021, the flagship event of IEEE MACE SB was conducted from 29th - 31st January 2021. The 40- hour national level hackathon paved way to technological development and many innovations. This year's theme aligned with the sustainable development goals and aided in letting student's think out of the box to create a better and sustainable world for us and for the future generations.
The inaugural ceremony began at 4 PM on 29th January, Dr. Muralee Thummarukudy and Dr. Gilesh MP, were the chief guests for the ceremony. The event had 766 registrants and 153 teams.
The event concluded with the closing ceremony on 3rd February at 7 PM. Dr. Shaikh A Fattah was the chief guest of the evening and the winners were also declared during the ceremony. Team Squadron, Pandas and FL_Bois_The_Second won the first, second and third places respectively.

ML 101 MEC

ML 101 - Poster

ML101 was an event conducted mainly for beginners to have a start in Machine Learning. The Event which spanned 2 weeks consisted of 4 phases and a Webinar. The first phase, was mainly an introduction to AI/ML giving them a basic Idea about Machine Learning and Deep Learning and also the different fields It’s applicable to. In the Second Phase, the participants were introduced to an ML model (Linear Regression) and its python implementation was what was in focus in this phase. In Phase 3 the participants were given materials on the Mathematical Concepts of the model. During both phase 2 and phase 3 the participants were divided into groups of 5 along with a mentor during which they clarified their doubts and discussed the concepts. In the last phase, they were given information on the current opportunities as well as the future scopes of ML. Tests were provided during all 4 phases in the form of Kaggle challenges or MCQs. The whole event was concluded with a webinar on Recommendation Engines taken by Mr. Hariraj K.


Annual Chairs Meet 2021


The Annual Chairs Meet is a meeting conducted every annum, for briefing the newly elected Computer Society Chapter Chairs of Student Branches across Kerala about their responsibilities, announcing the newly elected section volunteers for 2021, present reports and to felicitate those volunteers who have displayed exemplary skills in volunteering. This year the ACM will be held on 17th April,2021 at 10 AM.



1. First computer virus
2. The world's first successful electronic compute
3. A combination of the developments of flat design and skeuomorphis
4. Cloud platform by Microsof
8. A programming language exclusively used for AI
10. A HTML5 element that can draw graphics on the fly with the help of JavaScript
5. A collection of lines that connects several device
6. An integrated circuit having all the functionality of a central processing unit of a PC
7. A training algorithm that transfers the error information from the end of the neura
network to all the weights inside the network
9. First distributed blockchain implementatio
11. Popularly used for Big Data Analytics
12. Popularly used for storing bitcoins

Got all answers ! Let us know ! Send your answers to ieeecs.ks@gmail.com on or before May 31, 2021
Winners will be published in the upcoming editions of Compile.