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Data Science has grown up to a popular term used by Computer Science enthusiast and Engineering graduates today. What is Data Science? What is Data Analytics? What is the main difference between these two?

Data as we know, in simple terms stands for useful and relevant collection of facts and figures. Why does data need to be called as relevant? It is because something useful for you may not be useful for another person. Programmers need data on programming languages, Hardware engineers need data on electronics and digital systems, civil engineers need data on construction materials and so on.

Data Science is a big branch of Computer Science which makes use of Science to manipulate data and convert it to a useful form for people to understand it easily. Science referred to here is Mathematics and Statistics. Generally speaking we convert data to information.

Data Analytics, is a sub branch of data science where it uses data analysis to make conclusions, correlations, trends, paths etc. A popular example which everyone can relate here is the graphs which we see on TV, Social Media and news channels relating with Covid-19. The website insights you obtain on your blogs or social media in the form of graphs, and patterns is another example of data analytics.

What is the role of a data scientist?

Data Scientist is a person who works in the field of data science. Unlike an IT professional, data scientist get paid more and also have more work load. Masters in Data Science is now a career option after B. Tech in CSE, where you get a specialization degree.

Essentials of Data Science

For being a Data Science expert you don’t actually need to have a degree in the same but rather you can learn it anywhere just like how even Coding doesn’t need a degree. For that you need to know two important essentials- Statistics and Programming.

Data Science as a Career

Even though Data Science is not taught as core or elective subject in many of the universities, data science is an important topic for placements as they hire students with B. Tech degree. Some universities do have subjects like Machine Learning which can be considered as a subsidiary.
SQL is very important along with python which is also part of Database Management System (DBMS). Learning about data visualisation and graphs will help start a a new career in data science.

Data is the new oil of century. Without data nothing happens. That is why Google, Facebook and Twitter invest so much money in data analytics. Many job opportunities are being generated in this field. So you can think of having a career in Data Science.

Jairam R Prabhu
  Model Engineering College

Updates From IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter

Annual Chairs Meet 2020

The Annual Chairs Meet (AMC) 2020 was hosted by the IEEE CS Kerala Chapter on 9 May 2020. The event was successfully conducted online with the aim of improving the involvement of Computer Society Chapter Chairs in planning future activities to benefit the CS Members.
The meeting also included discussions about the section's plan for IEEEXtreme, student membership benefits, details regarding the membership rebates and membership development kit.

It took an immense pleasure for all the attendees to honour the Best Computer Society Volunteers 2019 which was awarded to :

  • Shylesh S - College of Engineering, Chengannur
  • Alan Anto - College of Engineering, Trivandrum
  • Vinay Mathew Varghese - Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology.
Finally, the meeting came to an end with all the Computer Society Chapter Chairs presenting an incredible report on all the events and activities conducted in their respective student branches.

Webinar Series - May

A 4-days webinar series on Data Science and Analytics was organised by IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter from May 27, 2020, to May 30 2020. This series was conducted with the aim of introducing students into different fields and enhancing their knowledge in various tracks of data science.

It consisted of four informative and interesting sessions by four prominent personalities:

  • Random Forest- A Tool for Customer Classification by Dr Bhaskaran Nair,
    With 120 participants
  • Deep Learning-Based Video Analytics for Surveillance Applications by Dr Supavadee Aramvith,
    With 142 participants
  • Strategy and Architecture Framework for Enterprise Transformation by Mr Sharath Chandran, With 54 participants
  • and
  • Data Analytics- A tool for business revival by Dr Manoj Thulasidas.
    With 82 participants
All the sessions were extremely remarkable and highly appreciated by the students. They found it immensely knowledgeable and beneficial.


TechThreads with the tagline A Tech Blog to Capture stories from the Tech World is a blogging initiative taken by IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter to encourage IEEE student members to express their thoughts and illustrate their ideas in words. It is a platform to showcase their technical writing skills and abilities in this massive tech-world.
The students can write on any topics including their personal experiences related to technology. The blogs are judged on the basis of novelty, originality and pragmatism.

The registration phase was successfully completed on 28th June 2020 and started the submission stage.

Student Branch Events

Competitive Coding Competition - SCT

IEEE CS SCTSB held a Coding Competition based on Competitive coding program held by SB. The competition was to analyse and help students to evaluate their skills in competitive coding and eventually improve themselves.Prizes were awarded to first and second place winners and feedback of participants were also taken. A total of 26 participants were there.

LetsCode - TKMCE

IEEE CS TKMCE in collaboration with IEEE WIE TKMCE and IEEE Women in Power conducted 'LetsCode'-a group coding contest. The event was held as a pre-event of the annual technocultural fest Hestia'20. A total of 9 teams of 3 members were there

Panel Discussion on OS - RSET

A panel discussion on the topic, ‘Operating systems’. The main aim of the event was to familiarize the members with different operating systems and be aware of the different functionalities.
A total of six panelists Aarya Nair, Akash R Ashok, Arjun Sunil Kumar, Aromal Anil Kumar, Revathy Sanil and Priyanka Roy were there. After the discussion between the panelists, a Q&A with the audience was held. A total of 20 Participants were there.

Cracking Software Interview - VJCET

A Webinar was conducted on the topic “Cracking software interview” and the session was handled by Mr. Samarth Gupta , Chairman IEEE CS SOCIETY DTU. Most of the computer students who graduate from their college will be rich in technical knowledge but not everyone is selected for a job or internship. The session focused on the preparation for interview and express themselves in such a way that a will land them a job.A total of 21 Participants were there.

Cup a Code - NSSCE

IEEE CS SBC NSSCE conducted a global coding competition- Cup a Code in collaboration with IEEE CS SBC MESCE , IEEE SB RUSL , IEEE CS SBC PIT. The competition was conducted online in association with "HackerEarth" Registrations spanning different IEEE Sections were marked for the event.It was a 3-hour coding contest where participants were allowed to choose between any given timespan

Design Thinking - GECSKP

The webinar was convened by Mr. Hiran Venugopalan, Lead Product Designer at Kalareya, Founder Curator at KDCo.The speaker talked about UI/UX and design thinking. He took the listeners through the steps a designer takes while at work. The speaker talked about the designing platform Figma and also about how big industries collect data and render UI based on the information derived from the said data. He also answered questions from the listeners.A total of 62 participants were there.


Webinar Series

Taking the latest trends into consideration, IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter will be hosting webinars on the following topics next quarter

  • July – Cyber security
  • August – Blockchain
  • September – Artificial Intelligence