SOT – Panelist #4

“A good discussion increases the dimensions of everyone involved.”
~ Randolph Bourne

Hey Future Entrepreneurs, 💫
IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter and the team behind AKCSSC’ 2021 are bringing you a panel discussion as part of Startups of Tomorrow(SOT). The topic for this discussion will be
✨ “How Startups can survive in a ✨
✨ monopolistic market” ✨

Gracing us with his presence as a panelist will be Mr. Ram Iyer. Mr. Ram is the Co-Founder and COO of ByteWave Digital, a Google Cloud partner company. He also has extensive experience in building successful offshore delivery teams.

We’re sure you’ll learn a lot and it’ll be fun too! ⚡
So what are you waiting for? Come join us before its too late ⏳

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See y’all there!🤩

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