Bippity boppity boo, hold up crew and lend me thy senses, y’all did hear about the chopper(Ingenuity) flexing some moves on Mars on 19 April 2021 right? Just signalling a heads-up, for beloved denizens of the binary bubble of earth, we are about to swoosh into a spectacular feat of timelapse of the tech landscape of today and the days yet to come. A pre-boarding announcement for all the passengers, since the meteor shower that wiped out the classic old-timers, we never had another incursion to our ‘atmo’, no Skynet’s cyborgs or terminators, no Darth Vader or Yoda, no Jadu, no Asgardians, surely Thanos hasn’t got all his Infinity stones, if he would’ve, I wouldn’t be fabricating this script, so ‘Touche’, the ride’s safe as a dungeon. 


The highly unlikely ‘Adhithi’ who came knocking on the door in 2019 Mister Covid radicalized the superior realm of technology and geared the world for a nearly ten-year emotional and scientific leap for the human race. Prior to the eruption of dear Covid-19, the tech expos were claimed by whiz-bang gizmos like smart devices. But the pandemic has pushed us to embrace unseen technology that was often underrated. The uncommon characters like workhorse software and internet products are gaining momentum. As the state of art spreading of the pandemic is transcending expectations, the inertia of the brand new tools ain’t going to wear off any soon. 


As the Dunder Mifflin Manager said, “Everybody stays calm, It’s happening”, the next monster in the tech planet, 5 G is shedding its imaginary nature in a gradual manner paving way for its reality. As work from home is the brand new label of the upcoming working community, the need for a stable and fast connection has become the need of the hour. The full-fledged entry of 5 G is going to alter the whole industry dynamics. Companies fiddling with tools like AI, IoT,IoB, and customer data platforms will reap the benefits, leading to an enhanced understanding of customer requirements, behaviors, and priorities.


All Stark devotees assemble if you glimpse through the Iron Man franchise you can see that the billionaire’s helmet embellished with HUD(head-up display) is powered by AR technology. Today, HUD is already implemented for the automotive industry. The AR, which lets us interact with digital objects superimposed on our physical world, has been more than a decade in the making. This application has been used everywhere from the healthcare tech industry to retail and even manufacturing—Google is reintroducing Google Glass as an augmented reality tool for the workforce. Pretty cool huh? You people remember that curly hair dude on Lenskart ad on youtube right, just trying shades online, yep that’s another face of AR. New high-end Apple and Android smartphones include sensors for detecting depth, which makes it easier for augmented reality apps to place objects like virtual furniture in physical spaces. Guess we have a friendly carpenter bro. 


Let’s mumble about IoB now. The Internet of Behaviors is meant to acquire the “digital dust” laid behind by netizens from various sources. The IoB attempts to understand the data collected from users’ online activity from a behavioural psychology perspective. It seeks to address the question of how to understand the data, and how to apply that understanding to create and market new products. Pretty much sounds like a private CID hired by the corps to snoop on us. Ironically we accept all the cookies so the blame’s balanced.


The cloudy era. Cloud-based applications have dominated the markets by storm. Distributed cloud enables a geographically distributed, centrally managed distribution of public cloud services optimized for performance, compliance, and edge computing. Cloud-based technology is in the big league for its many advantages mainly, physical proximity, less latency, and lower cost of the data. Intel is teaming up with Google Cloud to develop integrated solutions for communication service providers to accelerate 5G deployment across multiple networks and edge locations. Looks like the clouds are going rogue now. 


This pandemic revealed the vulnerability of our health system. The ‘CAP’ of this endgame, Digi-health tech. From mobile medical apps and software that support the clinical decisions doctors make every day to artificial intelligence and machine learning, digital technology has been driving a revolution in health care. 


Once upon a time(well not that long, a mere 10 years ago), the concept of online gaming, virtual matches, and sports was hard to perceive. The prior bunch of years and the pandemic hatched the egg of a growing market of esports, Youtube gamers, and Twitch streamers are Rumblin and Tumblin the industry. Esports, long story short for “electronic sports,” transforms online gaming into a gladiator battle. If it’s hard to imagine why anyone would watch somebody else playing a video game, just think about how enjoyable it is to watch Lebron James or Steph Curry play basketball(I am from the Lakers fandom so let’s go with King James), apart from the deceit and tussle play enacted in the European football. Millennials and Gen Z customers are hitting the rogue gaming zone like Yankees with Esports weapons. 


Basically, a digital asset, blockchain cryptocurrency is designed to work as a medium of exchange. Unlike physical currencies, blockchain cryptocurrency works on digital channels and is often embedded with strong cryptography to secure virtual financial transactions, real safe guys. The surging fanbase of digitalization will proliferate the likelihood of cryptocurrency and blockchain. I bet you have done some research or action in the crypto empire, haven’t you countrymen? Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ether, etc., Ladies and gentlemen these enterprises are the top-brass in blockchain tales. Fun fact: Even I did some mining on my own to get some bucks flowing in. 


Our time-lapse ride has reached the final station and for extra time bonus stations we have quantum computing, customer data platforms, cyber security mesh, privacy, and confidential computing, hyper-automation, oh blimey, I’ll keep on blabbering..blah blah blah. This theme has no limit in facts and factoids, brimming with magnificent discoveries and inventions, a Disney ride into a fantasyland(except it’s not fantasy). So “Salud!”, to what the time has in store for us in the coming years.


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