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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
~Henry Ford

Your SBC is your battalion and its members your comrades in arms. Your mettle is tested by competitions and your honor guarded by victory. You seek to bring it prestige. To make it one among the best.

Now, the IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter presents before you ✨ ELEVER✨ a leaderboard contest between the Computer Society SBC’s under the Kerala Chapter. A challenge to all of you to there, a chance to prove yourself.


1. This will be a leaderboard contest between the CS SBCs under
the Kerala Chapter. The contest will consist of various tasks conducted
by CS Kerala Chapter.

2. Tasks will be published on a bi-monthly basis on the official Instagram
page of IEEE CS Kerala Chapter.

3. Points will be awarded to the participants and winners after each
task. Total points acquired by a SBC is the sum of points acquired
by the students of that SBC after each task.

4. The winners of the contest will be rewarded during AKCSSC 2021.

5. In case of ties between SBCs, the number of winners from
the SBC will be taken into consideration.

6. Prizes worth of Rs.1K awaits the winners of each task.

7. The decisions of the organizing committee will be final and binding.

Let the best squad win!!💫

Prizes worth Rs.20K awaits you🎁🎁
Exclusively for IEEE CS members

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