Human Augmentation


Author – Saniya Binu


The study and transformation of techniques, tools and machines created by humans is what is known as technology. It can be considered as the sum up of various techniques, skills, methods and the process.  Starting from stone tools to artificial intelligence technology has  played a significant role in human life whether it be in improving living standards or enabling one to remain connected.


 The technical world undergoes constant and random changes at  a quite faster pace. The moment is witnessing many emerging technologies which have the ability to give crack to the existing human lives.One such technology is Human Augmentation.

It is defined as the field of research which aim in enhancing human abilities through medicines or technologies.  Also referred as ‘Human 2.0’ it focuses on creating cognitive and physical improvements. Earlier augmentating the human body was just a mere dream or fiction but for now it is a reality.


Human Augmentation can be branched into three main categories on the basis of their functions.They are:

(1)  Replicating human ability.

(2) Supplementing human ability.

(3) Exceeding human ability.


The Augmentation technology that replicates the human routine is considered under replication category. This is better option for those who have gone through severe ailment or disastrous accident. The provider also ensures that the adopted devices also provides psychological assistance to users. Prosthetic limbs for the disabled is one such example.


The Augmentation technology that enhances  one’s ability to do things properly comes under the category of supplimenting. Devices that can enhances one’s sight of vision or strength etc are the examples for this type of augmentation. Such augmentation which can provide solutions both physical and mental constraints can even revolutionize our society as well as culture.


The third branch is exceeding human ability. This human augmentation aims at providing abilities which are beyond our physical condition. Skills like capability to fly, extraordinary olfactory etc. which are possessed by superheros in fiction. Though this is the most fascinating technology ever it may take time to shape properly.


These are the existing ones. Many other forms of human augmentation are on their way like neural implants and brain-computer interfaces, cyberware etc. Even before one realising, augmentation devices are becoming the part of our day-to-day life.


The business world is more enthusiased to produce these device which can become the daily life examples of human augmentation. There are many such devices though many of them are at their initial stages. Naked Prosthetics is one such firm to support who have losted their fingers by providing finger prosthesis. Skylight glasses collabed with Google is smart glasses for aviation engineer which will help them to complete their task pretty easier.


For sure this amazing technology can make the life more interesting. But before adopting the authorities must ensure it is security, data privacy etc. It is high time that we must adopt, cope and mange this mesmerizing technology.



Saniya Binu

Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Technology

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