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Did you hear the news about the woman from Kerala who did 350 online courses in 90 days? Yes, you hear right. She is Arathi Regunath, a sophomore Msc. Biochemistry student. Naturally, this news might send a panic attack to all of us who were being a sloth during the lockdown. But there are many, who utilised this time to upgrade themselves! With so many resources available online there has never been a better time to learn something new.

So let us be inspired, now, grab our lazy self out of the bed and put on some determination to use the remaining days fruitfully. But I am not here to encourage you guys to enrol in some online course! But rather let’s talk about a hobby that we, the engineers, can develop during these days. By the way, are you really tech-savvy?


What is meant by tech-savvy?


To be a tech-savvy engineer for an already tech-savvy society holds a different meaning. Knowing about the latest technologies, being updated of the updates in present technology and utilising this skill for one’s advantage is what a tech-savvy society means. When parents are busy trying to enrol their kids in coding programs like ‘Learn to code at 8’ and other programs to equip them with skills crucial for the future, it becomes all the more important for us with the engineer’s tag,  to keep up with the latest tech skills.


Advantages of being really TECHie!


More the skills you have, more you will be perceived as an asset at your workplace obviously. Being a computer engineer, if you are naturally intrigued by new innovations and advancements in your field, it will help you to be all the more confident and passionate about your job! 


I realised this when I came to college and found that there is so much that I didn’t know about trending technologies like Arduino, IoT, AI and all the buzz words in tech, while many students in my class had already done projects in some of these topics. As I watched seniors talking high-level things that went past my head I also saw them bagging position in prestigious companies. 


How can you keep yourself updated?


Let’s now talk about how to naturally develop the hobby of keeping yourself updated. You can thank me later.


  1. Make up your mind

I can feed you but I cannot make you chew! That sounds funny though, but reading blogs that will inspire you to read technological articles won’t make you tech-savvy. Realise now, that anything new in technology intrigues you, even if it seems incomprehensible right now, soon you will get to know more about it. Better late than never

Even if you are in the first year or the final year or already working, you can start from today and your effort will surely pay you. And trust me, its a gradual process. Don’t expect yourself to know everything after listening to a tech podcast and, most importantly, don’t give up!

  1. Join a tech community

In college, we have the advantage of joining a tech community and to participate in webinars and discussions conducted. Don’t hesitate to participate in these events even if you don’t know much about the topic being discussed. After the event discuss the topics with your friend and you will find that just a small event has added so much to your knowledge!

  1. Listen to podcasts when you are free!

Listening to tech podcast helps a lot. They are interesting and inspiring. I suggest you to google out some popular must hear tech podcasts and honestly, you will hear them more often!

  1. Download some browser extensions

To keep you updated by popping up tech news in a concise manner every time you open your browser, there are many extensions available. You can download them for free and be the first one to share new and exciting news with your friends.

  1. Keep learning

And lastly, my friend, keep learning. But since you have made it your hobby rather than your duty, you will surely not get bored and stop learning and switch to watching solely celebrity buzz news.



To make you look cooler in a group discussion or conference, these are the points that you need to follow. Amaze your colleagues and friends by your techie talks and enjoy the perks!  

So friend, thank you for lending me your time. Can’t wait to see you in my next blog. Stay tuned!


Gloria Thomas

Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Technology

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