The ‘Apple’ that never fell yet


Author – Agasto Boney


The ‘Apple’ that never fell yet

Adam, Newton and Steve Jobs.

Three personalities who’s ‘Apples’ changed the fate of how we reason life-events today.


Who doesn’t lie about a stolen cookie?

Who doesn’t go through an ‘equal and opposite’ reaction? (Maybe Karma?)

And who would ever miss watching Apple’s Launch events live? (You do? It’s all right, I do too)

But 44 years and 1.5 billion active devices later, the last ‘Apple’ here has been going high bringing forth amazement to the human eyes and ears with innovative tech. Doing the most amusing and unique things, they are taking steps which are titled as either ‘mind-blowing’, ‘insane’ or both!

So how is it that this ‘Apple’ is on point compared to other manufacturers and tech giants?

Here are a few possible reasons:

  1.       Simplicity and Security:

The most notable point to mention is how simple it is to use an Apple device. Unlike Windows or Android which are both soaring players in their field, the lack of bloat-ware and the easy-to-go user experience of an Apple device makes it effortless for an average person to use it. The lucidity of the system also ensures security of the user from any malware or other vulnerabilities.

Well, of course one has to get used to it first but you mostly won’t turn back after that, unless you really miss ‘pro-gaming’.

  1.       Optimization and Build at its best:

An Android device with double the RAM of an iPhone has never been easily ahead with performance. Apple builds its own primary software and hardware, hence the development and deep integration is sustained and centered. Not just that, their build quality is so much on point and engineered close to perfection. Now that Apple has ditched Intel, the optimization rate of the upcoming Mac devices are expected to be very high as they will be running on Apple’s very own ARM-based Silicon chipsets.

But can’t we still game on them?

  1.       A Developed Ecosystem:

From Apple Music to AirPods, the way how each product integrates with the other is amazing and on point. A picture that you just captured in your iPhone can be transferred and accessed in your MacBook or any other apple device easily. They can integrate together to form a digital family of its own for the user and nothing beats Apple on this!

Razer’s got a family ‘slash’ ecosystem too, but that’s just a different league

  1.       Cloud and Sync:

Apple’s iCloud, Airplay, Airdrop and other applications help to keep and hold the ecosystem of devices and data together. They even offer online Cloud storage, so there are no hassles in transferring files or backing them up. 

Lack of internet connectivity can be a trouble here, but that is now going to be a problem of the past. 

  1.       Innovation, weird but cool!

They took off the headphone jack, they aren’t including chargers along with the new phones and the latest Mac Pro looks like a cheese grater. Memes state that they will be making the charging port optional very soon. The peculiarity is high, but Apple has their reasons and is backed up by years of research and development with considerations to every nook and cranny. For the common eye, they sure seem to have missed a lot of considerations, but hey! Apple still has not missed its spot in the market.

There has been enough memes on this, but is a $999 display stand really necessary?


On an endnote, Apple isn’t one that beats every giant out there but is in a field of its own striking high and hitting points well above. It’s entirely dependent on the user and their needs and Apple doesn’t fulfil all of it, hence a fall isn’t really far away. But Steve Jobs’ vision of putting a ding in the universe is quite meticulous and so, hisApple’ has not fallen yet.



Agasto Boney

Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology

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