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Author – Harsha S Warrier


I feel more than happy to be able to write a blog with this title. Yes, I got an interview with Google.
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So, I had already subscribed to the Google careers newsletter so I used to get their regular updates. When I found their update that they are hiring for Software Engineers University Graduate, 2021, I applied on their portal with my updated resume.

In a few weeks, I got a mail that I have been shortlisted for their round 1 telephone interview. We also had a group coaching through Google Meet explaining their hiring process.
And I had my interview scheduled on 6 Oct 2020, 2pm. It was a 45-minute Google Meet interview. First, I was given a question through a shared doc. I was asked to explain what I understood from the question and asked me to explain with an example. Then he asked me how would I approach to solve it. I briefly explained my idea of how I can solve. We discussed a little more to come up with a better solution. Then he asked me to start coding. And asked to explain the code. There was no compiler, instead the code was to be written on a Google doc. Then he wrote down a couple of examples and asked how the output would come. Going through the examples, I had to improve my code to fit in to all the test cases. He also gave some suggestions when I got stuck in between. Finally, he asked me to find the time and space complexity of my code.

At last he asked if I had any questions for him. I asked him a couple of questions and the interview came to an end.

Though I couldn’t come up with a very efficient solution, those 45 minutes were worth an experience. The way the interview went was kind of unique. Moving on, I never felt like attending an interview. It was more like a casual discussion or a brainstorming session.

I have no idea how the result would turn out to be and I am not keeping a high expectation. Get it or not, an interview with Google was 😍.


Harsha S Warrier

Government Engineering College, Thrissur

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