Edge Cloud opening up new realm for 5G


Author – Niveditha P M


Edge Cloud Opening up new realms for 5G


The new global wireless standard 5G or the 5th generation mobile network is coming up by providing the users a plethora of services that include much faster speed, far more connected devices at a lower latency. During these times of technological advancement, 5G will impact almost all the industries including healthcare and transportation.


Most of the trending technologies including IoT, gaming, AR and VR experiences are looking forward to 5G networking technology for their advancements. All these developments requirea huge amount of connectivity and networking which can be accomplished through Edge Computing. Edge Computing computation and data storage closer to the location where it is needed.


In this technological era one of the most important things that consumer demand is the digital experience. So for meeting all these demands 5G requires the support of edge cloud, which brings the data center physically closer to the end-users thereby reducing latency by bringing compute capabilities into the network.


Some of the technologies where 5G edge computing comes into play include: –


  • For using IoT sensors in the remote areas without 5G coverage, one can adopt the 4G along with edge computing to achieve the required and can be thus moved to 5G later.
  • In the gaming industry which requires real-time experience the requirement of 5G connectivity is very high. Here the edge computing along with a broader base of 4G devices could help initially.


Compared to all the other generations 5G is a unified and more capable air interface, which delivers a lot of new services to the users. Anyways 5G and Edge Computing are two interconnected technologies that will enable us to process a huge amount of data at real-time.



Niveditha P M

St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and technology,Palai

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