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Imagine yourself in a world where humans interact with computers. You are sitting in front of your personal computer that can see, feel, listen, talk or even scream aloud. This is no more a hypothetical situation with the advent of blue eye technology.
What really is blue eye technology? Well, it is a technology which aims at building computational machines which could be a computer or a robot which can have the sensory capabilities like those of human beings incorporated in them. Like a human being who uses his eyes and ears to view and hear the environment around him, the machine can use the camera and the microphone to do the same.
The research on blue-tooth technology to read human emotions was first carried out by scientists at Microsoft using quantum mechanics. But now currently blue eyes technology is being developed by the team of 40 researchers at Poznan University of Technology. It makes use of the “blue tooth technology” developed by Ericsson.

This term was coined rightly referring to the means and methods used in this form of technology. The term blue refers to the use of the Bluetooth means of connectivity, eye refers to the means of control and technology refers to the way of integrating these means and providing us with the so-called virtual companion.

Now the question that we have to really ponder upon is do we need this at all? Well, the Blue-Eye technology can efficiently overcome the basic human limitations such as tiredness, over-sight, illness etc. Can’t we imagine a scenario where we fall ill but still can control the activities around us just by the help of a machine? The blue-eye technology can monitor the conscious brain involvement in instances of automation, long driving etc.

You could wonder if it is at all reliable. This is also been taken care of as it can literally verify your identity, feel your presence and interact with you. Now, taking a deep peep into the various sophisticated technologies being put into use to realise this never fails to awe us.
• Emotion Mouse
• Manual and Gaze Input Cascaded (MAGIC)
• Artificial Intelligent Speech Recognition
• Simple User Interest Tracker (Suitor)

Emotion Mouse which itself is a combination of Pressure sensor, photo sensor, temperature sensor and GSR sensor integrated to a mouse can literally access your emotion and the state of being of the user. The Manual and Gaze Input Cascaded (MAGIC) can convert even your gaze (eyesight) to a powerful tool to control the machine. Speech recognition is similar to MAGIC except that it uses the speech as the controlling parameter. SUITOR is another tool which tracks the interest of the user based on the frequent works.

This technology should however be ensured of the data security. This can be done by making sure that only registered mobile could get connected to the system. In addition to that, Bluetooth connection authentication, Bluetooth connection encryption, access right restriction, personal and physiological date encryption should be provided to authenticate the system.

The future application of blue-tooth technology is limitless. Imagine, talking to your household machines like the washing machine, refrigerator and commanding them to do what you want them to do. However, one fact should always be borne in mind that, we are the masters of this technology. Neither should we fall a slave to them nor should we allow it to take control over us.


Sreethi S

Government Engineering College, Barton Hill

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