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Everything that we own will be felt valuable, only until we lost them. This is not the feeling of particular, but everything has the same lost feeling. Same as in the case of a blind guy. Blindness may not be the of his/her deeds. Such dos of God can be justified only by saying that everything is his plans. So this act also has a plan. That’s were the importance of the latest technology lies. Nothing but Bionic eye is a perfect match for the blind. Let’s have a look at it. Bionic eye is just an unembellished electronic device which has the purpose of giving sight to the visually impaired fellas. The phrase that helps in vision is more suited than giving sight to the blind. Visual prosthesis or electrical prosthesis, other terms of Bionic Eye is an electronic device that is used to give sight to a visually impair people. Before getting to know the eye protector, let us peep into the facts of working of eye and its components. Retina is the first factor we choose to discuss. It is nothing but a tissue layer that lines the rear wall inside the eye. Retina is the major cause of our vision since it sends signals to other parts, when it senses light, why because we see things. Now talking about the prime beneficiaries who are likely to benefit these prosthetic eyes is the people having macular degeneration, that is, a condition that causes degeneration in the cells set up at the core of retina. But in order to get it right, there’s one condition laid. The person who’s proceeding to use a bionic eye must have been able to see at some point in his life. Only then will the device work efficiently and effectively. By any chance if the receiver had huge damage to visual cortex then the implantation will be useless. The bionic eye is simply a blend of an external camera, transmitter and an internal microchip. The camera has the function of organizing visual stimuli of the environment by residing on the pair of eyeglasses. The microchip, being stimulator and functions as an electrical relay, will be implanted into the retina surgically, which also includes an electrode array. The stimulator collects the radio waves emitted by other basic components of Bionic Eye, and then emits electrical impulses. The impulses are passed on by the leftover retinal cells and are transducer as usual to the optic nerve pathway, deriving in vision. On 2012, the first implantation of a rudimentary version of Bionic Eye was reported. Long-term effects of a bionic eye and its implantation remain unknown. Nothing matters but humanity. If God has set a plan, he’ll have it only for the goodness of his creations. Same as in the case of blindness and bionic eye. Let’s hope all that blind could be given sight as soon as possible.


Treesa Mary Joseph

St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology,Palai

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