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Our lifes have changed dramatically with the novel problems needing novel solutions. Covid-19 has not just added heavy workload for the healthcare worker it has also created a concern of medical workers getting infected due to direct contact with patients. At this circumstances countries around the world are looking for all sorts of technologies that could help them to fight against coronavirus. The campaign to maintain social distancing that expanded along with the spread of covid-19 has lead to the question how robot can be used in the battle against coronavirus.


At a time when human contact is considered as a health hazard, the society has turned to robots on a scale never seen before. Today, Robots play an important role in fighting against coronavirus around the globe. The UVD(UltraViolet Disinfection) robot developed by a Danish company and X5 Lightstrike by Xenex plays a crucial role in fighting against the coronavirus by keeping places disinfected. These robots are Wi-Fi enabled and are directed by hospital staff via a mobile app to clean rooms. Disinfection is done by using 360° array of powerful short wavelength ultraviolet rays,which destroys the DNA or RNA of any micro-organisms.


In addition to disinfecting robots, we also turned to delivery robots for the safety transportation of needed items such as food, groceries and medicines without human interaction. Starship Delivery Robots is an example for this. This robot carry groceries, food and packages to customers who place orders through a mobile app within a four-mile radius. The Robot uses computer vision along with GPS to track the exact location of the customer. Its optical system is equipped with 10 cameras, ultrasonic sensors and neutral network that allow it to distinguish between objects. Customers can monitor the robot’s path and location from their smartphones. The contents inside the robot are securely locked until the recipient unlocks it upon delivery.


At overburden hospitals a variety of robots are helping in a variety of ways. Moxi by Diligent Robotics is a hospital robot assistant to aid nurses by performing supporting tasks such as transporting patient lab samples, collecting fresh bedsheets and removing the old one,gathering medical supplies and delivering them to patients. It’s the best way as the healthcare workers can stay as safe as possible. Tommy is another robot who have been deployed to a hospital in Italy. Tommy is operated the in most infectious wards to monitor the health condition of patients there. This robot help in passing information between patients and doctors thus preventing direct contact with an infected person. These are just some examples of how robots are helping combat the global pandemic.


These days along with the outbreak of Covid-19 a lot of changes have taken place at health care, industries including restaurants, distribution fields,etc. Inspite all these changes, Robots were always there when needed most. They are being deployed not only for hospitals but also for public places such as airport,universities and government buildings. Thus they have proved that they have the potential to fight against the outbreak.



Sreelakshmi V

Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Technology

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