Resilience by the dint of Technology


Author – Irene Anna Kurien


6 months passed by since the state Chief Minister declared total lockdown against the COVID-19 outbreak and still, the thought of a life without any restriction seems ambiguous to us. As the government focused its efforts on the containment and mitigation of the contagious virus, people were more prone to physical and mental stress from staying home. Amidst these tough months, technology has helped us to adapt to the isolated life or the “new-normal life” better than expected. 


Technologies play a key role in keeping society functional by helping them do their daily activities. Moreover, the scope of these technologies lies beyond the terms of the pandemic era. When socialising, learning, watching movies, etc kept our personal lives alive, platforms for video conferencing, cloud infrastructure, and other workplace collaboration tools made “work from home” possible. 


Let’s see how technology has become a part of our new normal lives:


  1. Contactless Payments and Net Banking

Net Banking and UPI applications had already started to take over the payment methods and with the pandemic, we were left with no other option but to adopt the method for further transactions. Since money is needed for everything and digital banking makes our lives easier this technology will stay with us even after the pandemic and blend into our new normal lives.


  1. Work from Home

Employees of different firms and companies were asked to work from home as a consequence of the pandemic. Technologies like virtual private networks (VPN), virtual meetings via video conferencing, cloud infrastructure, and other collaboration tools are used to ensure healthy work from home environment. Some companies also use face recognition technology to preserve the privacy of the employees.


This not only prevents the mingling of the employees but also reduces the work time and provides more flexibility. This method can be adopted even after the COVID-19 pandemic, employees should be given the freedom to choose between work from office days and work from home days. The company can even hire people from different nations to work for them from their respective countries.

  1. Online Learning

Schools and college closures were implemented by the end of March as a part of the complete lockdown procedure. This caused an abrupt end to the educational lives of the students. Teaching was resumed after a few months through online teaching methods where students and teachers interact with each other through some online video-conferencing applications. Technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, and AI also have a very crucial role in this field. Apart from school and college learning, students could also take advantage of online MOOC courses or other specialized courses to gain a special skill. 


Once a child starts his journey as a student not everyone gets a vacation for more than two months, and for the very first time had the opportunity to be in our home for over 6 months. This is like a one-time opportunity that helped us to develop some special skill which will make our new normal life happier and satisfied.


  1. Online Entertainment 

With cinema theaters shut and without any outdoor entertainment, OTT platforms became increasingly popular these days. People enjoy their favorite shows, movies, and sports at their fingertips through these fast-growing, portable technology that provide quality content to the audience. Popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar have become a part of our new life.


  1. Mobile Applications

There are some apps that held a special place in our phones and as the lockdown ends there would be a few more to the list. The list can include food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy and for some health freaks they may be apps related to fitness and for some, it would be gaming applications. 


  1. Socialising 

As people stay isolated at home this is a chance for them to reconnect with all the human beings they once lost touch with. Several messaging and video calling applications aids in rekindling the lost connection. Families that live across the different parts of the globe found solace in video calling apps. 


Video calling applications have already blend into the new normal life and will be used even after the pandemic curbs. 


Summing up


Change is scary but required. This is a challenging time for us and we turned to technology for help. It helped us in different ways, made our isolated lives easier, and as we start a new normal life technology assures to be with us and guide us find our way out of it.


Irene Anna Kurien

Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Technology

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