Raising era: Technology for the new normal


Author – Aslaha Ali


” There is a long war ahead and our Covid – 19 response must adapt “

-Tom Frieden

                   (Former CDC Director)


A sudden change by the attack of a small virus changed the world a lot. From small shopping to great opportunities are made online. And helped to cultivate a lot of new trending technologies.


 New normal methods 


During this lockdown period, the world disbursed more in online shopping. This is a budding new technology. We can use Artificial Intelligence here. It helps in retail and supply chain industries. Here, smart algorithms to update customers on price, future delivery details etc. will be useful.Also through machine learning and advanced data analytics online shopping sites can detect shopping trends and can give a greater personalized experience to online shoppers.


Next formidable issue is to store, manage and process data. Business and work from home engendered a demand of cloud computing. It helps in universal accessibility, free data backup and storage.  And the most important feature is that it aids the remote workforce to stay connected. 


Entertainment industry including Amazon prime,  Netflix also notarized a colossal growth. Over The Top (OTT) platforms are our new normal method of entertainment. Also video games and other social media platforms are our new methods of relaxation and amusement. So this area can be used as a rising technology. 


Augmented reality and Virtual reality can also be used in medical, gaming, business fields etc. Virtual conferences and virtual training without human interaction helps us.Virtual reality

equipment in the medical field helps the patient to look around the artificial world, move around in it and interact with virtual features or items. So users can experience physical presence in a

virtual environment.  More than these, it can be used in generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder,depression, mild cognitive impairment, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD etc. It is also used in diagnostic assessments areas like medical image review, neuropsychological

assessment, daily living assessments, behavioral medicine (psychology, psychiatry)

assessment etc.


The most important thing is faster and higher bandwidth networks. 5G is needed for seamless communication and other day to day requirements. Also rural broadband helps everyone, irrespective of land geography, to access everything including government services, tele education, telemedicine,  e commerce etc. 


Behind these new normal 


But amidst this great technology,Data breaching is an important problem. It means using the sensational, confidential data of one person by another unauthorized person without permission. Data breaching may occur by an accidental insider,malicious insider, lost or stolen device, malicious outside actors. Action of an accidental insider is unintentional and no information is shared. But it is regarded as data

breaching. Example is using co worker’s system. Malicious insiders purposely breach the

data for harming the company or person. Another way is data from an unlocked system is

breached by someone. And the final one is hackers. They use various vectors for this.

Thinking about why data breaching occurs we can find out that hackers use personally

identifiable information to steal money ,compromise identities and sell over the dark webs.It may occur through the following methods. Out of date software, weak password,

unintentional drive by download ,targeted malware attack etc. are some of the reasons.

Common attacks methods are payment card fraud, stolen credentials, compromised

assets, third party access etc. Adobe, Adult Friend Finder Canva,Dubsmash,eBay,Equifax,Heartland Payment Systems ,LinkedIn,Marriott

International,My Fitness Pal,MySpace,NetEase,Sina Weibo,Yahoo,Zynga are some of the

examples which suffered data breaching in this 21st century.

We can obtain cybersecurity by patching and updating software as soon as possible. Also we need encryption for sensitive data. Upgrading when the software is no longer supported by the manufacturer, enforcing BYOD security policies,multi-factor authentication,awareness on socially engineered tracks ate some other keys to secure our data. Use only secure sites. Reputable sites begin with https:// . Try to implement a high quality security software. We can achieve security by user authorization, training and education ,tracking and monitoring the usage, patch management, data backup, laws, creating equipment policy, data policy etc.




In short, we need to practice new methods and ways to improve our daily requirements without getting damaged. So ready to make a new difference. Let’s hold our hands together for this new normal.


Aslaha Ali

Mar Athanasius College of Engineering

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