Internet of Things for a new normal


Author – Saniya Binu


Internet of Things for a New Normal

The world hit with the pandemic Covid -19 not anymore remain the same. Once we used to teach the need to become a social being whereas now we are forced to practice social distancing. Technology was the only reason that maintained the society functional in mid of the lockdown and quarantines. It’s high time for the technologies to take a loop hole where the system and the surroundings work with less human interference. There comes the significance of technology for a new normal.

In such a situation Internet of things commonly known as IoT offers a smart future. It can create smart environment where the individuals as well as society can lead a smarter and comfortable lives. Just imagines about some devices like smart gears that will monitors and lively updates the doctor. A device that will automatically manages the energy requirements without human instruction. In this era of social distancing, a device that will constantly alert as whether we broke the limits. These are possible in the current world with the IoT.

Internet of things is basically a networks of device or machine with unique identifiers that can collect and share data across the network without human-to-human interaction or human-to-computer interaction.

 IoT can be divided into four basic layers of technologies. The first one is Hardware device. This is the interface that connect between physical and virtual world. Any devices can be turned into a connected devices with necessary instrumentation. Software Device is the second layer of IoT. The main function of this technology is to collect data from the cloud as well from the surrounding and makes the network a smart one.

Communication is the third layer. It can be physical connections like cellular, satellite and specific protocols like ZIGBEE etc. This is the most important layer as it determines the proper working of system. For short range IoT solutions, Bluetooth and Radio- Frequency Identification will work. Wi-Fi, ZIGBEE and threads for medium range IoT and sigfox, Lora wan etc. for long range wide area connection. Platform is the final layer of IoT where the data is gathered, managed, analyzed and processed.

IoT has already emerged in our daily life and it will settle there for the good. Reports shows that IoT can be helpful in identifying covid patients. IoT is applicable in every area of our life. The main advantage of the technology is that it allow to design and implement even risky task easily. IoT is not a fantasy anymore, it is real. There are many smart homes, manufacturing industries that are running with IoT successfully.

In the mere future where there will be complete work from home, technologies will rule the world. Internet of Things is just one among them. Technology that can run the world with mere human interaction is the essentiality of today and this will remain the same for coming years too.


Saniya Binu

Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Technology

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