Internet and the New Normal


Author – Nevin Koshy Daniel


Technology for the new Normal is quite an interesting topic. The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, and the world resumed it’s a journey to get back on track utilizing the technological realm, and making all possible services online.


Most of our day-to-day interaction has been digitized and the entire world is now supported on the exoskeleton that the Internet provides. Meeting, seminar and classes have moved on to the realm of online video communications services, entertainment has moved on to online streaming services and most professionals have been given the opportunity to work from home. I would like to explore the possibilities the Internet has to offer in the current scenario and even though we are in a cloud of possibilities, one fact remains clear as daylight – Digital is the new Normal.


Driving forces for the revolution


This is the new normal, but to be specific, it is the new normal that was created with existing technologies. The crisis did the job of hastening the adoption of pre-existing technologies, to the extent to cause a technological boom, and we can expect to feel its effects soon. The better version of the same is to come with new innovation and unique developments that arise during the lockdown and unlock phases. 


We had a few major developments lining up to be disruptive innovations in the form of the rising AI/ ML adoptions, 5G, IoT, AR/VR/XR, Blockchain, Automation, and a host of others. The pandemic has given the innovators a new perspective and a wider field of vision on where these technologies could be applied. There are a host of potential applications in all possible.


Possible Applications

  • In the field of logistics, we could see a massive revolution by the introduction of aerial goods delivery drones. They would be employed to transport medicines, groceries and daily supplements to those suffering from certain diseases or are in medical quarantine, while it would eventually become the future delivery boy for various supply services.


  • In the educational realms, we are witnessing the adoption of video conferencing technologies to improve and continue the learning cycle in these difficult times. We came to realize that not all educational activities will really require physical presence, and many a time a streaming facility will do just fine.

We could apply this realization to broaden the sphere of knowledge that a person could gather, and create a system where you could choose what you want to learn. 

Many E-learning platforms are now offering courses in collaboration with educational heavyweights. A system where you could graduate from a reputed university, attending the lectures from their eminent faculty, while being at the comfort of your own home could be in the cards. Online universities rising to prominence could also be a reality!


  • In the work realm, we can ask the exact same question! Do all jobs really require your physical presence at a specific place? A new work culture, that of the work from home, could be created and implemented to full effect post this period. We can certainly overcome the geographical limitations of the current system, and from the business perspective, companies get to hire the very best in the given domain.Work that requires your physical presence would be unaffected, but others especially those in the software, data handling, and institutional governances could have a fresh style.
  • The entertainment sector could be a major beneficiary of the same, with the rise of better accessibility of content, curated content for specific devices and even the growth of tens of thousands of independent publishers, who could be given the same capabilities to express themselves as the industry heavyweights.



The pandemic is indeed a global disaster, but it has succeeded in significantly boosting the concept of globalization through the Internet and has already created a world that none would have dreamt possible a couple of years ago, with respect to the massive adoption and utilization of technological resources. This is just the tip of an iceberg and massive revelations are coming in the next few years. We will be witnessing the next way of the digital revolution.

Necessity is definitely the mother of inventions and there could be massive disruptions that could awe us out for aeons, just like Newton did with Gravity in a similar scenario!



Nevin Koshy Daniel

Amal Jyothi College of Engineering

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