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Our lives have changed tremendously during the past few months, how we are living today was not the same scenario a few months back. One of the worst infectious pandemics that we are dealing with has brought large economic loss whole over the world. As compared to the initial days of lockdown and social distancing people have adapted a lot with the current situation. This pandemic on the other side has opened up a new way to the virtual world that is beyond zoom calls and virtual summits. The immersive technologies including AR, VR, MR, and XR will bring up the new era of reality. 



Unity and Microsoft Hololens2 have helped Toyota come up with new improvements


Toyota is trying to accomplish its motto kaizen (continuous improvement) by using Unity’s real-time 3D development platform and Microsoft Hololens2. Starting from conducting training sessions to developing stunningly realistic car configurations for its luxury Lexus brand they have made use of mixed reality.

Since 2005 3D modeling was used in Toyota for global marketing. By making use of mixed reality the major changes that they have brought recently include:

  • Electric wiring diagram: – instead of 2D diagrams entire 3D electrical diagrams were available.
  • Guidance of work procedure: – instructions for working can be seen on a hologram in which it is virtually stated, which helped engineers reduce 90% manpower.
  • Function explanation: – now it is easy to explain the functionality of hidden mechanisms within the vehicle, by using hololens2 and unity.
  • Design review: – the real-time CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis can be done on a vehicle and the user can analyze and simulate how its design affects the aerodynamics.
  • Check operation: – by using unity, hololens2, and machine learning, engineers can recognize errors that are missed by ordinary inspection, thereby reducing human errors to a greater extent.
  • Data preparation: – they have used PiXYZ and unity for the pipeline, PiXYZ has made the data lighter and data exchange easy.


These are some of the areas where immersive technologies like mixed reality have paved a better path for kaizen (continuous improvement) in the automotive lifecycle of Toyota.


Mixed Reality – Technology for the new normal


Not just in the case of Toyota, immersive technologies including augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, and the extended reality have expanded their scope to almost all areas of life which include health care, product designing, and testing, travel and tourism, simulation and digital twin creation. These are the technologies, which have huge industry potential and features large application space.


Even though augmented, as well as virtual reality, had been developed earlier, they were limited to video games and entertainment. But in the current scenario, it is not the same. These are the times when work from home, immersive entertainment, distance learning, networked social interactivity, and home-based fitness has gained more importance, which portrays the essentiality of a technology that will support the growth of the economy irrespective of social distancing. During these hard times, these technologies will provide a platform for people to stay connected virtually but distanced socially. So as of now and for the culminating time’s immersive technologies like AR, VR, MR, and XR proves to be very essential.



Niveditha P M

St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and technology,Palai

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