Covid and Technology


Author – Gloria Thomas


Technology for the new normal


“ … I repeat, there will be no return to the ‘old normal’ in the foreseeable future.” said DIrector General of WHO in a video that went viral, permeating the fear of the pandemic and the dread of longing for the long gone normal lifestyle.


“I’ve got some bad news and I’ve got some good news. Nothing lasts forever.”

-Kate McGahan


But even then, the ‘new normal’ is quite normal indeed. In the effort to practise social distancing, though our gestures have changed, though our daily routines have changed and though our  lifestyle has changed, all a bit, we are still very well connected with our loved ones, we are still shopping and we still are able to attend classes. Take a minute of silence to thank computer networks, web technology, mobile technology, SaaS, universal payment interface, artificial intelligence and hundreds of other technologies that make your life so much more exciting and easy.


Coming to the serious part, India’s GDP is the worst hit by the pandemic as compared to all other major economies.The GDP shrunk by an alarming 23.9%. But as engineers and entrepreneurs we can play a big role in reviving our economy. Well, read till the end to know how. Technological development makes very important contributions to the economic and social-cultural life. Under such unusual circumstances, absence of tech would jeopardise our economy as well as our personal lives! 

I would like to share with you some examples on how technology has saved us a lot of trouble and how it can revive most of the things.


“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”



As health and hygiene became a major concern, companies adopted remote working or work from home strategies to keep the work going. Alas, I am afraid work-from-home increased the work pressure on the employees! In today’s tech world work-from-home can be easily deployed. Meanwhile,companies like Jio came up with work from home internet packages. Schools and colleges used the newly developed or upgraded communication softwares to teach.


While the whole world has come together trying to find the vaccine, it is our first priority to detect the disease and isolate the patient. This can be easily tackled using computer vision which makes it possible to develop a deep learning framework that can detect Covid-19 using chest scans. The present well connected world, makes it easy for the government and the health department to track patients and those who came in contact with Covid positive patients.


How can we do our bit in improving the lives of the people post Covid19, and as a result improve India’s GDP too? Well, the rule is; more the jobs, more the money in people’s hands, better the lifestyle and more the GDP! 

We all know, advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are the need of the industry to make accurate decisions, to analyse and predict the market trends and react accordingly. We need to use these technologies to detect where our business is failing and start investing in those areas. 


Young entrepreneurs need to put forward their innovative ideas based on the trending technologies like AI, automation, robotics, augmented reality and block-chain and bring life to their projects. Since the make in India  initiative of the government is aimed at strengthening startups in India, don’t hesitate to put up your innovative ideas in the front.


In a nutshell, covid 19 without existing technologies would have literally and emotionally put the world in a complete standstill. In the new normal, it plays a crucial role. Lastly, a whole new era powered by high technologies awaits us post covid.




Gloria Thomas

Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Technology

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