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Agriculture, as we all know, was a milestone in the rise of sedentary human civilization. Factors like climatic changes, population growth, labour shortage, scarcity of land for cultivation, weeding and food security concerns are the major issues which impend the growth of the agricultural industry. These concerns propelled the agricultural industry to seek more innovative ways to increase production. As a result, it is now turning to Artificial Intelligence(AI).

Since fewer people opt agricultural as a profession, most farms face workforce shortage, here, AI agricultural bots resolves this problem. These bots can harvest crops faster than human workers. It can also identify and eradicate weeds accurately. The shortage of land is alleviated by increasing the productivity of the cultivated area. These farm bots are very helpful in the weeding process due to the AI sensors which identify the weeds precisely.aWhere(Colorado company) uses machine learning algorithms in connection with satellites to predict weather and for analysing the presence of pestsFarmWise(San Francisco) uses robotics and artificial intelligence to make agriculture more sustainable and tastier. Thus ai benefits for the agricultural industry with lower production costs and a decreased need for manual labour.

AI-driven technologies are emerging to improve efficiency and solve problems faced by the industry, including crop production, soil health and weeding. Agricultural robots are becoming a high-value application of AI in this area.


Sreelakshmi V

Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Technology

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