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Author – Allen P Biju


Have you ever wondered how large complex websites are developed and maintained? We may know that everything starts with basic HTML tags. But how do things go from there? What is the right track to becoming a Web development expert? Here are some of my observations on how to get started with web development.

Understanding the Basics

HTML, CSS, and Javascript, they are called the first steps to web development. Mastering them is very essential for a web developer. But how do they differ from each other? 

  • HyperText Markup Language or HTML is the core of any web page of different complexities, so it is as essential as an ax for a woodcutter. They define the basic structure of a web page. 
  • Cascading Style Sheet or CSS is used to enhance the appearance of a webpage.
  • Javascript is a programming language that helps to control the behavior of a webpage.

To grasp the basic concepts I would recommend the certification courses by There are a lot of exercises for each course. Complete all the exercises to understand the basic concepts of web development. 

Stop Learning and Start Doing

All you need is a basic understanding of the concepts and after that move to practice as soon as possible. Start making a small website of your own by implementing the concepts you have learned so far. The exercise projects listed in will also help you start. 

Learn new Technologies

Now you know how to create a static webpage. Now its time to dive into new frameworks. You can learn frameworks like Bootstrap, Jquery, Saas, etc. They make the website more functional and improve the user experience of our website. After these try any of the trending Javascript frameworks like – React, Angular, or Vue. 

Turning to the right direction

After all these you can choose a path you like – a frontend developer or a full stack developer. Each track has its advantages. As a frontend developer, you focus more on the User Interface and learn and focus on frontend libraries more. 

And as a Full-stack Developer, you will have to learn about more back end related stuff like database technologies and server-side scripting languages. Popular programming languages like Python, Ruby on Rails, JS have a huge importance in the backend. In this, you will have to learn frameworks like Node.js, Django, PHP, Flask,, and database technologies like MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase. 

Want to develop for mobile?

You could create mobile applications with the technologies you have learned so far. The popularity of hybrid mobile applications has motivated a lot of web developers to start developing for the mobile. With basic knowledge about HTML, CSS, and JS you can develop a mobile application using the mobile application development framework,  Apache Cordova. If you have learned react or angular by this time you can try out React Native and Angular with ease respectively.

Web development is an area where new frameworks and tools are born within a blink of an eye. So it is very important to stay focused on new trends. Trying out new technologies and working on projects helps you to master them very well. 

“Practice doesn’t make perfect.

Practice reduces the imperfection.”

                             ― Toba Beta


Allen P Biju

Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology,Vazhakulam

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