IEEE Student Quality Improvement Programme (ISQIP) is a week-long training program from
IEEE Student Branch College of Engineering Chengannur which was conducted from 10th to
17th July 2018, offering both technical and managerial sessions, for the overall development
of the student. ISQIP helped the students to envisage an industrial approach towards their
field of study by paving them a way to transform themselves into industry ready
professionals. It was conducted separately for each branches.
CS ISQIP helped its participants to learn programming in a short span of time. Basic
programming session literary enabled them to understand any code and apprehend where
and why bugs occur thereby making them more productive at the end of the event. The
program focused on developing a solid grasp in computer languages and made sure that
they got a comprehensive knowledge through the Hackathon.
Design and development is an area of study encompassing everything involved in building a
website, from the coding at work behind the scenes, to the design of the user-interface, to
content management. CS ISQIP helped to polish the designing skills of its attendees by
making them confident enough to design anything they want.
We offered rewarding and potentially lucrative opportunities by making their concepts
exquisite through our superlative training session.

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